Why automated gates?

The benefits of automated, electrical gate systems are many and varied, but briefly span SECURITYPRIVACYPROPERTY ENHANCEMENT and SAFETY.

Automated gates will keep intruders, animals and non-authorised persons from entering your property.
As a result of improved security, automated gates will ensure the privacy of your property.
The benefits of security and privacy will help in the upkeep of your property, while a well designed gate will help it look attractive and cared for, leading to an increase in value for future sale.
As well as keeping unwanted persons out, electrical fences will keep children and pets within your property, ensuring their safety.

What kind of gates can you make or install?

No job is too large or too small for Actiongates. The largest domestic gate we have manufactured to date was a 28 foot sliding ranch gate. Commercially, our largest installation to date spanned a 35 foot wide road. We mainly cover North Wales but have installed gates all over Wales and the North West of England.

See our gallery and new gate design pages for further information.